Physiotherapist spotlight: Amanda Homen

I know we are a little past Physiotherapy month, but we are keeping the ball rolling here at Aurora Prime.  As the newest physiotherapy member of the Aurora Prime family, I want to share my story and more importantly why I love my job!!!

My first physiotherapy experience was when I was in the 10th grade (I think that makes you 15 … who’s counting how long ago that was). I had gone on a class ski trip, took on a hill I did not have the skill set for, fell and injured my knee. A family friend of ours owned a clinic and I saw him for about 4 weeks and learned all about this new career. At the time I was just realizing my love for the sciences (and my lack of talent in the arts), so this career definitely interested me. As I went through school, I ended up knowing I wanted a career in health care and thought I wanted to work as a radiologist. Well one year of biophysics and multiple hospital experiences with loved ones made me realize that this was not for me. So I started volunteering in different health care settings, including a spinal cord injury floor at Toronto Western Hospital and ended up back at that same physiotherapy clinic. I loved it and decided that this is what I wanted to do. Watching people come in and progressively get better and back to doing things that were important to them.

Then 5 years ago, I stumbled across a job opportunity as a kinesiologist at an amazing clinic (hint ** came back to work here when I graduated physio school). I fell in love with orthopaedics and pelvic floor physiotherapy. My year here confirmed that this was the job for me. I went on to do my doctor of Physical Therapy degree and landed my job back at Aurora Prime Physiotherapy. I now take courses in orthopaedics and pelvic health therapy and I absolutely love it.

I love this career because it is never the same. No 2 stories are identical, no 2 injuries are the same, very few things are black or white. It is a field where you continue to grow and learn. Aside from continuing education courses, I love all the new people I get to meet along the way. I truly learn just as much from my patients as they learn from me. Together, as a team, my patients and I embark on a health care journey to get them back to doing whatever it is that they love to do.

Ultimately, my goal for every patient is to get them back to their prime functioning. I don’t ever want someone to miss out on life because of an injury and I love helping people reach their goals!

And that’s my story :) 

Remember to live balanced, live well and be you at your PRIME.

Amanda Homen, D.P.T., B.Sc.Kin
Registered Physiotherapist
Pelvic Health Therapist