Physiotherapist spotlight: Peter Teloniatis

I was first introduced to the physiotherapy profession in my sophomore year of high school, following a knee injury that put me on the sidelines for 6 weeks. I was treated by a local physiotherapist, whose physiotherapy program included acupuncture, hands-on manual therapy, and an exercise-based rehabilitation program that was geared towards a return to sport. Pleased with my knee recovery, and happy to have returned to soccer just prior to the playoffs, I managed to volunteer with the physiotherapy clinic for my grade 11 school co-op placement. The staff members of the co-op placement were eager to expose me to their physiotherapy practice, which included manual therapy, electrophysical therapeutic modalities, exercise prescription, and acupuncture. In addition to physiotherapy, I also had the privilege of shadowing a chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, massage therapist, kinesiologist, and the office administrative staff of the clinic. This co-op volunteer experience gave me an opportunity to see first-hand how different health care practitioners approach orthopaedic problems from a slightly different lens. As I began to distinguish the health care professions, it was apparent that the physiotherapy profession was the one for me.

I decided to pursue a career in orthopaedic physiotherapy, because I had a desire to heal people’s injuries with the use of hand on skills. Working one-on-one with patients for a set period of time gives me an opportunity to work with individuals and their strengths to help them overcome their injuries and get back to the things they love to do.

While in physiotherapy school, I was also introduced to vestibular rehabilitation therapy through an internship, where various maneuvers provided instant relief to patients suffering from vertigo and dizziness. I now enjoy working with patients dealing with vestibular disorders, because I get to create custom vestibular rehabilitation programs to help individuals overcome their dizziness and disequilibrium and return quicker to work, sports and daily tasks. Patients are always astounded at how their symptoms of vertigo and dizziness can be reduced in such a short amount of time.

At the end of the day, I am here to help people reach their optimal functioning.

Remember to live balanced, live well and be you at your PRIME.

Peter Teloniatis M.Sc.P.T., B.Sc.Kin

Registered Physiotherapist