Ali Faghani BHScPT, CGIMS, CAFCI, Dip Manip PT, FCAMPT

Registered Physiotherapist
Clinical Director

Ali obtained his Physiotherapy degree from McMaster University in 1997 and is the co-owner of several multidisciplinary clinics.  He has been a Fellow of Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapists (FCAMPT) since 2002 and has been instructing in the Orthopedic Division for several years.  In addition to this, he has adjunct lecture status at the University of Toronto and has in the past ran courses in preparation for the FCAMPT exams and the National Physiotherapy Accreditation Exam (PCE).  He has also been a past board member of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association (OPA) and served for many years at the district level.  

Ali treats a variety of orthopaedic and sports injuries.  He has extensive experience in treating an assortment of spinal dysfunctions, upper and lower extremity injuries and TMJ dysfunctions. He uses a combination of manual therapy; mobilizations and manipulations, myofascial release, acupuncture and dry needling to help restore optimal function and alleviate dysfunction. 

He has taken numerous courses in manual therapy, acupuncture (CAFCI) and dry needling (Gunn IMS).  Ali has a sincere passion for physiotherapy and always strives to provide the most suitable treatment for his clients.